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Artist: Jordan Davis
Album: Bluebird Days
Release Date: 2023

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Immerse yourself in the reflective melodies of Jordan Davis’ heartfelt track, “Next Thing You Know.” This song invites listeners to contemplate the unpredictable nature of life and the unexpected twists and turns that shape our journeys.

“Next Thing You Know” showcases Jordan Davis’ warm and soulful vocals, accompanied by melodic instrumentals that create a contemplative and introspective atmosphere. The lyrics delve into the fleeting moments and decisions that can drastically alter the course of our lives.

With lines like “Next thing you know, everything’s changed,” the song captures the essence of life’s unpredictable nature and the realization that things can shift in an instant. Davis’ heartfelt delivery allows listeners to connect with their own experiences of unexpected transitions and the emotions that accompany them.

Song lyrics

[Verse 1]
You swear that you’re stayin’ single, next thing you know
You meet a girl at a bar and next thing you know
You get her laughin’, it’s 2AM
You’re tellin’ your buddies, three months in
That she ain’t movin’ in, the next thing you know
There’s a U-Haul trailer, the next thing you know
Your old apartment, is y’all’s new place
There goes the carpet but the deer head stays

Next thing you know
You’re savin’ money like never before, just to
Spend it all at a jewelry store
Gettin’ down on one knee on hеr mama’s porch
Just prayin’ she don’t say, “No”
Next thing you know
Your best man givеs a half-drunk speech and you’re
Sunburnt on a honeymoon beach and your
Left hand’s gettin’ used to that ring
And there the next two or three years go
Next thing you know

[Verse 2]
You weren’t really tryin’, next thing you know
There’s a test on the counter, next thing you know
She’s standin’ there cryin’, noddin’ her head yes
You’re half excited, half scared to death

‘Cause next thing you know
You’re wearin’ scrubs and a funny white hat and the
Doctor’s sayin’, how you doin’ there dad and
Nobody’s ever called you that
And you take that drive home slow
Next thing you know
It’s first steps, first dates, first car
It’s 11:01 wonderin’ where they are
You’re sayin’ that USC’s too far
It’s amazing how fast seventeen years go
Next thing you know
Next thing you know

Next thing you know
You get to know your wife again and you’re
More in love than you’ve ever been
With a lot of years of remember when’s and still some down the road

‘Cause next thing you know
You got a yard full of your kid’s kids
And you take ’em to church, teach ’em to fish
And you, tell ’em stories every chance you get
About how fast this life down here can go
Next thing you know
(Next thing you know, ooh)
Next thing you know
(Next thing you know, ooh)

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